About Us

About Us:
Eirespan is an Irish company that specialises in the import & distribution of Continental food products.
Our SOL range represents the best in Authentic Continental Cuisine.
Established over 10 years ago, Our aim is to make available to the Irish market the genuine culinary traditions & delights of the Mediterranean by promoting products with the flavours, aromas and colours of their land of origin.We provide products that are associated with the classic Mediterranean gastronomic tradition all the while being produced, manufactured, and preserved using modern methods.

Our extensive range of ready-to-eat products offer maximum convenience.

Our catering range is perfect for your Deli or Event, offering a wide selection of specially sourced continental delights.

There is no better way to enjoy what the Mediterranean has to offer than by sharing a tasty platter of meats & antipastos with friends and family.

The Team

About Us Monica Matellano

Monica Matellano

Owner & Managing Director


A runner up for the IMAGE 2017 Businesswoman of the Year Award.

Image Business Woman of The Year

Sales & Marketing

About Tony Bateman

Tony Bateman

Key Accounts Manager

About Linda Mc Keown

Linda Mc Keown

Key Accounts Manager

About Michael O'Reilly

Michael O’Reilly

Sales & Marketing


Food Quality and Technical

About Robert O'Donnell

Robert O’Donnell

International Suppliers & New Product Development

About Camila Curvelo

Camila Curvelo

Technical & Quality Support and Health & Safety Adviser



About Edwina King

Edwina King

Administration Manager

About Joanna Romanczyk

Joanna Romanczyk

Pricing Controller

About Snezana Malobabic Vidity

Snezana Malobabic Vidity

Administrative Assistant



About Daiany Coelho

Daiany Coelho

Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

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