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Cured Meats are a hallmark of mediterranean tradition


Cured meats have long being a part of the mediterranean lifestyle, and take paticular pride of place in continental gastronomy, an entire cultures surrounds the treatment, preparation and presention of cured meats, from the Italian Parma Ham to the Spanish Jamon Serrano and German Salami all the way to artisan producers of Pate Negra from the Iberian Peninsula in Spain a wide range of delicacies are available to enjoy.
They are all ready to eat, with no cooking involved.

Jamon Serrano, Salami, Parma Ham, Chorizo, Coppa, Salami Milano the list goes, here at SOL we aim to deliver you the perfect taste, every time.
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Serrano Ham

Serrano ham is one of the most important parts of Spanish gastronomy.
It comes from the hind leg of a white pig and through the process of salting and drying; it becomes a stable meat product that has a long life.
The whole process from start to finish takes about twelve months, during which time the meat will lose about a third of its total weight.
Ready to eat, no cooking involved as it is cured.
The taste of Serrano ham makes a great flavour addition to all sorts of dishes.
Serrano has a very strong, yet delicate taste.


Parma Ham

Parma ham is a true Italian classic.
Fine cut, dry cured ham from the renowned region of Parma in Italy, aged for over a year and is known worldwide as a high quality distinctively flavoured ham.
The Parma Ham Consortium protects the product quality, purity and ensures that production is carried out with full compliance according to traditional methods. It is identified by its famous logo, the Ducal Crown, which guarantees its quality and authenticity.
Ready to eat, no cooking involved as it is cured.



Chorizo Extra, Chorizo Pamplona, Sausage, Sliced.
Available in a wide variety of formats, Spain’s spiced, marinated cured pork sausage is full in flavour, rusty red in colour, and aromatic with red pepper and garlic.
Chorizo Pamplona is more finely minced, and thus has a soft and tender texture. It is seasoned with mild, smoked paprika and has a deliciously rich flavour.
In Spain all chorizos are graded according to meat, fat and humidity content. Extra signifies the highest quality.


Salami Milano

Traditional salami of the Milan area in Italy.
Ruby-red in colour, obtained from pork meat minced at medium grain with ingredients such as black pepper in broken grains and white pepper powder.
Before ageing for about 100 days, it is stuffed into natural casings. The smell is robust, while the taste is sweet and delicate.